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Track anyone by sending a simple email[noobs friendly]

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Track anyone by sending a simple email[noobs friendly]

Post by LiF3 H4CK3R on Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:12 pm

Track anyone by sending a simple email
Hi all HF users..today going to show how to find ip address,Browser information,Location and also delete the email once it has been read by the slave by sending a simple email.

Step1 :
first of all what you have to do is register in
You can either register for trail or go for premium accounts which has more functionalities.

Step2 :
OK once you have registered,Goto to your "send" option to start sending mails.
You can either use any fake email address or your real email address if you want Wink

In "To" option-- obviously slave's email address

Now in "Tracking settings" select advanced were you can track and Control also Edit your sent emails, Recallable and Self-Destructible Email.
And if you want your email to self-destruct then you have to select the option "Email Will Be Self-Destructed" drop down.

Once all these done ,send your mail and wait til the slave reads the mails.In free accounts you get notifications in your email address and in premium account you get notifications to your mobile when the email has been read by slave Very Happy

Once the mail is send.goto your outbox option and click the email which you have sent.If the email has not been read then you get the message in tracking information as "Not read yet" and if it has been read then you get all information like ip address,Browser information,Location,Language,how many time the mail has been read,how long the mail has been read.

Quote:And yeah if you want to send some authenticated or official emails then you can use signature option since those kind of emails use signatures.Also use your creativity ;)

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